veggies & herbs

pint of cherry tomatoes $6

A mixed pint of our chemical-free, home-grown cherry tomatoes, started with saved tomato seed. Varieties include small red, sungold, yellow pear, red pear, and chocolate sprinkles

potato party $6

A mixed pound of our chemical-free, home-grown potatoes. Varieties include fingerling, red-skinned and purple.

mini herb bucket $14

A mini bucket with 3 small bundles of herbs. Herb options include chive, basil, nasturtiums leaves, garlic, calendula, oregano, mint, sage, anise hyssop, catnip, and savory

Suggested Combos:

  • Salad mix – chive, calendula and nasturtium leaf
  • Italian mix – basil, oregano and sage
  • Pesto mix – basil, chive and garlic
  • Mexican mix – oregano, chive and garlic
  • Tea mix for lung support – anise hyssop, catnip and sage
  • Tea mix for digestion – mint, basil and anise hyssop
  • Tea mix for calm – catnip, basil and calendula

salsa kit $14

Everything you need for a delicious and fresh batch of salsa. Chemical-free and home-grown tomatoes (a mix of heirloom, classic red, yellow and roma), garlic, serrano peppers, chives, oregano and lemon basil. Throw it in the blender and you’re good to go! Just add salt. Makes about one pint of salsa.

farmer’s market bundle $35

Your choice of either one pint of cherry tomatoes or one pound of party potatoes, one mini herb bucket or one salsa kit, and one small flower arrangement. Feel like you just got back from the farmer’s market!