Summer Offerings

Fairy Treat $10

This delicate, little arrangement in a recycled glass bottle provides a big bang for your buck.

Sedum in a Jar $15

Enjoy this sedum on the patio, a sunny windowsill or in the garden. They are cold hardy, take little water and love the sun; a true Colorado native! Varieties include: Autumn Joy, Angelina and Dragon’s Blood.

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Flower Tower $20

This tall and slender arrangement in a recycled glass bottle offers a pop of life without the empty wallet.

Home Grown Classic $25

This low-and-full arrangement comes in a pint mason jar or equivalent vase, and highlights our lush blooms – a smaller version of our Down Home Classic.

Down Home Classic $35

Our signature arrangement – comes in a quart mason jar or equivalent vase and features our lushest blooms.

Boom of Blooms $50

This arrangement is chocked full of blooms and presented in a decorative pot or low-and-wide glass vase.

Gaia’s Gift $75

This arrangement comes in a large glass vase and features a little bit of everything available in the garden.

The Whole Harvest $125

Self-explanatory 😉