dried flower arrangements

fall collection

hocus pocus $45

feverfew, gomphrena, sunflowers, sage, viburnum berries, frosted explosion grass, crocosmia and sorrel seedheads in a tall, slender black vase

fall breeze $45

dahlias, sunflowers, yarrow, feverfew, golden grass, sage, and nigella seedheads in a glass vase covered with wicker

perfect for a table centerpiece

golden sunset $55

dahlias, sunflowers, yarrow, feverfew, golden grass and a variety of seedheads – allium, poppy and carrot in a recycled glass amber vase

autumn bliss $55

dahlias, ranunculus, sunflowers, yarrow, viburnum berries, frosted explosion grass and crocosmia seedheads in a rectangular glass vase with burlap ribbon

cornucopia $75

yarrow, feverfew, sunflowers, amaranth, sage, gomphrena, frosted explosion grass, willow foilage, carrot and poppy seedheads in a blue ceramic urn

Custom Arrangement

we’re happy to put together a custom dried flower arrangement

give us a call to create your unique design