Body Products

All of our body products are infused with flowers and herbs from our garden. We provide a small description with each product to highlight the botanicals and how they enhance our creations.

Love Butter $15

Your skin will love this velvety smooth body butter, crafted with organic coconut, olive, and sunflower oils as well as organic shea and mango butter. The oils have been infused with geranium, fireweed, meadowsweet, arnica and rose, providing a luxurious experience for the mind, body and soul.

Dahlia & Rose Lip Balm $6

A blend of organic oils, butters and beeswax leave your lips feeling like silk. Sunflower oil infused with rose petals joins olive oil infused with rocky mountain rosehips and succulent dahlia buds. We top it off with some ground dahlia petals and rocky mountain mica for a light tint and shine.

Tub Tea (3 bags) $14

A combination of epson salt and Himalayan pink sea salt soothe the outer body while rejuvenating the inner body with their essential minerals. Blended with dried rose petals, peach blossoms, calendula, yarrow, hollyhock and tulsi flowers; as well as calendula and pink begonia flower essences. Almond and olive oil infused with geranium and mint hydrate the skin, while rose quartz elixir provides an extra punch of love.